Last.FM Gets Legit on iPhone

MobileScrobbler was possibly the most polished jailbreak app. So, it’s comes as no surprise that Last.FM’s ready with a blessed iPhone client shortly after the iTunes App Store launch. Though, like all “official” apps, this one isn’t permitted to run in the background – meaning no music playback while checking email or browsing the web. Despite that limitation, I’m still digging my suddenly-much-more-capable audio device and I highly recommend both Pandora and AOL Radio.

In fact, my hunt for two speaker docks has been reduced by one. I recently unloaded a portable XM Helix, though hadn’t yet recycled the Altec Lansing iM4… In conjunction with the iPhone cradle lineout, I’ve found a decent solution for at least one room. (I’ll ultimately find a better home for it, rather than leave it perched on the edge of my AnthroCart as pictured above.) With the expert guidance of iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz, I’ve possibly identified my second dock – the (much sleeker and with remote) next generation Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere ($130).

1 thought on “Last.FM Gets Legit on iPhone”

  1. I purchased the pure-fi anywhere from Circuit City at $99.00.

    Available several places on-line for significantly less but I have a trip planned for next week but didn’t want to risk a shipping fiasco.

    The unit sounds great and was totally compatible with the iPhone. No need to go into airplane mode.

    Love the case, the size, the sound and the built in battery.

    Definitely recommend it.

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