Technology Demo: iPhone SlingPlayer

Of course we’ve they’ve been developing an iPhone and iPod Touch Slingbox client. In fact, it’s been brewing for several months and was one of the reasons I originally jailbroke my phone, although we ultimately decided not to install the software given the number of events and people I encounter.

What we’ve got here is a technology demo and a stake in the ground: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone. As it is, the current application is an amazing technological achievement (given Slingbox’s Windows Media Video broadcast) and the team has done a great job with the initial UI. Going forward, Sling’s got an interesting decision to make (which may not entirely be up to them): Continue down the jailbreak path or get legit with the SDK and iTunes App Store (including hefty Apple kickbacks). But Jobs has said no to “bandwidth hogs,” so Sling may have to limit connectivity options (to WiFi – a non-issue with the current EDGE model) for a store blessing.

No word on timing, but if I were driving I’d put a time bomb on this alpha software and release it as part of a Sling Labs initiative (along with Blackberry, SlingPlayer 2.0, etc) to fire up the community and sell Slingboxes. Though, they’ve heard that suggestion before…

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  1. I would love to see this come to fruition. 2009 seems like a long time away though. Makes me nervous.

    The other thing I wish the iphone could do would be to act like a Sonos controller. It seems like Apple is missing a segment of the market not making a viable in home solution for music.

  2. BTW, if you want to see this proof of concept software demo’d in person, and you’re in SF for the Apple WWDC, Product Manager Vicky Shum will be at the Starbucks at 120 4th Street, San Francisco (across from the Metreon) between 10:00 and 16:00 (10am and 4pm) on Monday, June 9th running demos.

  3. I think this is the app that Apple needs, personally for me I went with the Tilt because I could get Sling on it and it was 3g. Gotta give a lil credit to Tom Sinkovitz at NBC11 for showing up in your blog….

  4. ZNF vs. Engadget

    ZNF has YouTube video of iPhone Sling player client. Winner: ZNF

    Engadet post hints/suggests Android is the solution to Apple’s lame “no bandwidth hogs” rule for blessed apps. Winner: Engadet

    Blogsphere result: Tie

  5. Yeah, there’s quite a few ways to stream video around. Kevin Tofel pointed out the source article to me last week, but it didn’t move me – as I’ve been doing similar things with Orb and VLC for a few years.

  6. At least we know it’s not vaporware and that’s what counts… on the downside I watched my Slingbox on my Samsung Blackjack last night – an experience I’ll forgo for awhile after I get the new iPhone.

  7. This looks interesting, but I don’t know if Apple is interested in that. Not just because it hogs the bandwidth (that’s AT&T’s problem), but because they sell media themselves. MLB/AP apps notwithstanding, from their point of view, you are supposed to get your content from iTunes Store.

  8. Yes I think Ivan hit the nail on the head…Its not about the bad blood between the MLB and sling. Its because apple believes if they allow a place-shifting app on there ipod, it will kill itunes movie and tv show sales. Why would apple want to lose its daily flow of money from people buying tv shows, due to someone using there right to view the media they already paid for and have at there house.

  9. Two ways to look at it..

    1. Apple created an amazing media device that millions love and should be able to exert strong control on what content/apps can and cannot be on “their phone.”

    2. They are going the greedy corporate route, squashing competition, still thinking its “their phone” after they sell it and transfer ownership when someone pays for the phone.

    As much as I like the iphone, they shouldn’t be able to totally block the slingplayer. The more competition and freedom of use, the better off the consumer is. I say, yes, I want to be a bandwith hog. Make me pay for it! Make the Sling APP $39 a month to use on the phone. Hell, you already charge people over $100 to use the phone in an unlimited way.

    So if you’re worried about profits Apple/ AT&T, do it* in such a way that puts a high premium ( $29-$39 to sling per month) on not using itunes for video, but don’t block all competition. That makes alot of people not want to buy your products

  10. I love my iPhone and I love my SlingBox. A marriage like this seems like a gift from the gods for me. I SOOO want this to come out, and I’ll pay $30 for it if that’s the price tag.

  11. Hey Where can i get the beta of slingplayer for the iphone? I already have it jailbroke so it should be no problem to install. Please let me know, thanks.

  12. Please help? I already downloaded slingplayer on my iphone but i dont have slingbox ID? what should i do? should i have to Buy Direct from Sling Media then i can get Slingbox ID? Please help me? thank you so much if you have help me? lolz

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