Pandora Launches Adobe Air Desktop Client

Free Internet radio service Pandora just launched an Adobe Air desktop client (Windows and OS X). At first blush, I wasn’t so impressed – the visual footprint is rather large, so why not just leave Pandora running in a Firefox tab? Kevin Tofel asked how it runs minimized (or hidden), and I discovered a nice little contextual menu making the app worthwhile. While I generally listen to XM Online these days, I’d likely visit Pandora more frequently if they include ‘next track’ and volume adjustment menu items.

1 thought on “Pandora Launches Adobe Air Desktop Client”

  1. After reading this, I’ve been trying Pandora – it seems cool but I can’t get it to focus on one band like I can with AOL Radio (they have an All Metallica station). Decent alternative though.

    I hear AOL Radio is adding CBS Radio affiliates including news, sports, talk, etc. Also, they’re adding track skip (source: their own ads on the service).

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