Hands On With WowWee’s Upcoming Bots

Last week while visiting Chicago with my new employer (Dash Navigation – more on that soon), I dropped by Capable Networks HQ. Capable not only runs the TiVo Community and Sling Community, they also run WowWee’s RoboCommunity – so I got some time with two pre-release robots they had on hand. Both Tri-Bot and Wrex the Dawg are targeted for late summer, early fall availability in the $100 – $150 range. I’m not sure what age groups these are designed for, but Wrex will appeal to younger children than the Tri-Bot. Both are cute and have an interesting range of motions and interactivity, plus the triple-wheeled Tri-Bot is extremely and uniquely maneuverable. Check out my Wrex video here and unboxing pics with video of Tri-Bot here.

5 thoughts on “Hands On With WowWee’s Upcoming Bots”

  1. Not gonna ask about Moxi since I’m sour on them too, but what the heck happened at CES? Did the dinosaur toy bite you, Dave? :)

  2. Ben was covering WowWee for Engadget, who were located near the Sling booth. So I took a little break and swung by with him. However, one of their reps got a little testy when I touched a robot – in fact, it might have just been the remote control I picked up? I possibly got a little testy in return, but walked away so Ben could do his job.

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