Dave’s WWDC Stream of Consciousness

To those of you following me on Twitter, I apologize for the flood of activity as I set up shop in the Apple Store (Montgomery Mall, MD) to follow Engadget’s, Gizmodo’s, and Macworld’s live WWDC coverage with my credit card in hand.

Bottom line: iPhone 2.0 software and 3G + GPS hardware coming July 11th. Software is a free update (unless you own a Touch), and the new hardware runs $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB, black or white). .Mac takes their syncing (and AJAX) to the next level and is rebranded as MobileMe.

  • @Gizmodo Whoa, Apple store down already? Maybe I need to park myself at the mall in case they have any stock of whatever is coming.
  • @mattbuchanan Agree, probably pre-order only. BUT what kind of half-assed blogger would I be, if I didn’t at least stake-out the store. ;)
  • @applestore and parked at 17″ MBP W/ Eng, Giz, & Macworld up.
  • Jobs: “the first part is Mac, second part is our music business, iPod and iTunes, and the third part is the iPhone.” No Apple TV? ;)
  • Apple Store employees claim ignorance of any unopened boxes in the back, but they’re whispering a lot.
  • Angry mom in here demanding an new iPhone with her son. Says they’re supposed to be released today. She’s getting loud.
  • Another mom with teenage son – he’s demanding a second gen iPhone too. Store employees still claim ignorance. Nothing yet on it from WWDC
  • @palmsolo $10 seems pretty low – either it was an easy port and/or they’re counting on huge sales.
  • MLB.com video on iPhone. Perhaps that’s why Sling wasn’t admitted to developer beta program? (as reported by Engadget)
  • Finally – contact search! Office support is nice too, but not a deal breaker. How about cut & paste, now?
  • Another basic feature added: save received email photos
  • 2.0 software in July? Lame!
  • New enterprise distro app. Wonder how that would have played out during my DOJ days. Probably better than air-gapped Microsoft WSUS.
  • me.com will sync all sorts of stuff, AJAX-based, and photos included. Will it sync with Windows Live Gallery? Hmm… (I predicted…)
  • Will it make SugarSync and Windows Live Mesh irrelevant?
  • New webmail app looks sharp. Maybe I have a reason to dump Yahoo Mail that doesn’t provide IMAP even to paid subscribers. Hm.
  • MobileMe is kinda weak branding. Would have preferred Mac 3.0 or just Me.com. Storage is 20GB for $99/yr. Still can’t contain all my photos.
  • 3G iPhone? Shocker! Question is when and how much? (subsidized?) And what does it look like.
  • Alrighty… new iPhone announced today, but will these women in turquoise t-shirts sell me one now?
  • A dude who seems to know and is willing to chat, says no boxes of nada in the back.
  • Built-in GPS! Still no cut & paste? ;)
  • Damn, my first gen iPhone just lost a lot of value. New model is $200. But when, Steve, when!? (White? ick)
  • They must be counting on tons of App Store sales (30% commission), allowing them to drop the price worldwide
  • July 11th. Bummer. Guess I can go home. Unless there’s ONE MORE THING.

7 thoughts on “Dave’s WWDC Stream of Consciousness”

  1. Here’s my plan… Give my iPhone to Melissa and I’ll get the new one. ;) Actually, now that the buzz has worn off I’m not so sure I need to upgrade. The new data plan is $10 more a month and there have only been a few times when I really wished I had 3G. And while GPS is nice, I don’t see this replacing a car-based PND – the current location aware Google Maps has been pretty good in helping me out as a pedestrian when visiting places like NYC. I am looking forward to the new software though… Hopefully cut & paste is in there somewhere and hopefully it’ll take less than 4 clicks to switch inboxes to be more competitive with WinMo, Symbian, etc.

    At $200 Nokia is in a world of hurt (US) today. No matter how good the N96 is, it’ll be at least 2x the cost of an iPhone. A tough argument to make regardless of megapixel count.

  2. ah yes, the hand me down, and old friend of mine…

    i agree, google maps is accurate ‘enough’ for me. the tomtom does the grunt work.

    and its not like the 3g iphone is the first phone w/ gps…apple seems to have a way to convince people that something old is something new they just thought of.

  3. “…Nokia is in a world of hurt (US) today. No matter how good the N96 is…”

    Everyone is in a “world of hurt” RIM, Moto, Sammy…even ( gasp! ) HTC with its $900.00 Touch Pro. I hear that Sony “expreia-esence” thingy is gonna be $700+ too.

    Hmmmm, if only there wAs a phoNe / hanDset who’s opeRating system cOsts $0.00, but Is even better than the iPhone’s 3G moDel…

  4. So. Now that I’m a blackberry guy (with a bb curve) I wonder how the blackberry bold and thunder will compare ;)

    The new iPhone might just appeal to the wife though. If only her contract was coming up sooner than early next year….

  5. The data plan is definitely the “gotcha” on the pricing of the new iphone . Wasn’t clear to me if the new data plan included texting either.

    Since my phone was stolen and I’m still on a two-year plan I might wait and see if someone is willing to unload their old iphone cheap. All I see so far is bunch of jailbroken phones at extremely high prices.

  6. Bleh… I thought about picking up an iPhone to use as a data device/music player, but with such small capacity (where’s the 32GB model, eh?) and data rates that only went up, I’m sticking with my Centro (on Sprint) for now. At least, until iPhone 3G gets hacked.

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