Windows Media Center Fiji Beta Testing Underway

Brent Evans —  May 22, 2008

Mary Jo at ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft has begun testing Fiji, the next iteration of Vista Media Center.

You may remember rumblings last year about this time that the Windows Media Center Fiji Update would be delayed until 2008. Well it sure was – matter of fact it could be the end of 2008 or even beginning of 2009 before it actually sees the light of day.

According to rumors, the update will include support for the yet-to-be released DirecTV satellite tuner and other unknown “polish” updates to Media Center. Fiji’s release date is unknown as well, but word is that it could be released by the end of 2008.

(via Chris Lanier)

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3 responses to Windows Media Center Fiji Beta Testing Underway

  1. The beta group must be rather large and/or the testers are extremely talkative… I’ve also been hearing about the update, though haven’t able able to secure any screenshots yet.

  2. I hope it means they are also going to do something to improve extender functionality (I want my MKVs!). It’s sad that even though I have a perfectly fine HTPC (no problems with Vista Ultimate for me), I am still probably end up going with either Sage’s HD extender or the mythical Slingcatcher instead of a V2 extender.

  3. The big questions are will this release will fix the “broad cast” flag problem that saw so much press, and will it support new HD video formats for recording such as h.264 so it can support the new emerging HD capture products such as the Hauppauge WinTV HD PVR.