TiVo Nearing Subscription-Free Australian Launch

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

THE Seven Media Group will launch its TiVo digital video recorder in July after a strategic overhaul that includes a surprise move to scrap a planned monthly subscription fee for the broadband-enabled service. TiVo’s launch plan comes as Seven’s wireless broadband group, Unwired, confirmed it was finalising deals with up to six retailers around the country to sell TiVo boxes. “The main thing is to get TiVo launched for the Olympics.”

I suppose it’s more economical for me to continue paying $6.95/month, than moving to Australia…

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  1. I don’t have many regrets, but back in college I canceled a two week trip to Australia and New Zealand for a winter class allowing me to graduate on time (which was already two years late). That was a definite error in judgment (probably a result of parental pressure) and I’m still kicking myself.

  2. All apologies to fellow Ausie ZNF readers, but sorry, I just gotta…

    “A dingo ate your subscription fees?”

    “…That’s not a PVR ( pulls out TiVo ) THIS is a PVR, mate.”

    Any others?

  3. Greg, I shot that photo at CES – TiVo was showing off the Australian unit (the TiVoHD enclosire on the right, minus ATSC tuners I assume) and also various other International flavors both current (Mexico) and future (real or imagined) such as that German interface above. As an aside, Nero is based in Germany and will be releasing PC-based TiVo software at some point…

  4. Even with the multi-service discount, the lowest MONTHLY price I can get is $10.95 for the second box in my bedroom (primary unit has lifetime service). I use my secondary box about 3-4 times per week, and I would gladly trade having to view a few ads for free monthly service. I think they are on to something here and hope it makes its way to the US.

  5. TIVO has missed the boat… Should have offered us in the US a Subscriptionless service for us FTA viewers and given us the opportunity to “kick the tires” of their hardware a bit. Now SlingMedia has plans for just the item with the TR50. Tivo loses again! Market saturation and brand familiarization cannot be bought for even $6.95 today. Tivo you will quickly lose your grasp of the US PVR market if you don’t read the writing on the wall.
    Opinions expressed are entirely mine and not of zatznotfunny.

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