TiVo Gets A Little Bit Social (On Facebook)

TiVo’s getting a little bit social (hey, it’s the thing to do) in launching “My TV” on Facebook. As you would expect, one can add, rate, and review all sorts of television programming. There’s also links to online scheduling (for us TiVo customers), but no integration with Facebook’s existing TV show favorites or a method to import your existing Season Passes, Now Playing list, etc. Interestingly, TiVo didn’t name the widget after themselves and clearly indicates one doesn’t need to be a TiVo owner to participate. Which is a smart marketing move. (via Gizmo Lovers)

I don’t see myself spending much time populating this app, as I’ve been somewhat bored with Facebook lately. (Heck, my buddy Aaron has banished them entirely – and he’s a social media guru). The real value that I find in Facebook, LinkedIn, etc is the ability to track current email addresses and phone numbers. And as far as I know, Facebook still doesn’t offer a method to export this information into my address book. (Am I wrong?) Somewhat related, I’ve been experimenting with Twitter as a (mostly) one-way micro-blogging tool (with content duplicated to the ZNF sidebar).

5 thoughts on “TiVo Gets A Little Bit Social (On Facebook)”

  1. It strikes me that this is an experiment.

    TiVo could turn this little app into a Last.fm for TV if the TiVos had the ability to update live. I would like to see TiVo store our thumb ratings, etc., on a centralized server so we could sync new boxes, post thumb ratings on our own websites, etc. That would be kind of cool, and the XMPP (Jabber) ability in the next TiVo update might be able to handle that sort of thing.

    Of course, those who are connoisseurs of adult might not be huge fans of live updating from their TiVos. ;)

  2. “…Facebook still doesnÂ’t offer a method to export this information into my address book. (Am I wrong?)”

    You are CORRECT! Your personal data is locked up in a proprietary file format never to seen, accessed or edited by you ever again – Boooo! Support or join the Data Portability movement and let’s pressure Facebook, Myspace, etc. to stop holding us Consumers hostage:


  3. Thanks for the heads up Dave, my sister has been talking up Scrabulous and with the release of My TV app, I finally set up a facebook account :)

  4. I kind of wish this app interfaced with my TiVo account so that it would have the option to automatically populate based on my season pass list. Otherwise, it just seems like I’m using my profile page as free advertising for TiVo.

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