SageTV Confirms Hauppauge HD PVR Support

Obviously, the current hot topic in HTPC land is Hauppauge’s upcoming HD PVR… And I just heard back from multi-OS SageTV CEO, Mike Machado regarding their integration plans:

We’re working to support the HD PVR as soon as we can. We expect we’ll support it at or near launch.

I didn’t probe too deeply (hey, it’s the weekend), but I assume the PC version of SageTV’s DVR software would receive support first. Not to mention, support is probably dependent upon the drivers Hauppauge provides. (Their specs page isn’t OS-specific, though the safe money’s solely on Windows.)

2 thoughts on “SageTV Confirms Hauppauge HD PVR Support”

  1. Great news! I would expect to see SageTV (now confirmed) and BeyondTV support (not confirmed) out of the gate. Not sure about the others but I’d be surprised if MediaPortal, GBPVR and Meedios weren’t supported quickly also. MythTV also if Hauppauge does drivers for Linux.

    By the way, you scooped me – I’ve been following this thing like crazy and didn’t think to just ask Mike :)

  2. Has anyone heard whether the Sage HD Extender will be able to play back recordings from this Hauppauge device?

    I’m in the planning stages of an HD media center set up and the current plans are for the HDHR, HD PVR 1212, COX STB and the PC to reside in the basement with Sage HD Extenders at each TV. I really want to be able to record something and then watch it from anywhere in the house without having to have full computers at each PC or moving disks around or anything like that.


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