Netflix’s Silent Hardware Partners?

Interesting news out of Netflix’s quarterly call:

In January, we told you we were working with LG Electronics for a second half of 2008 product launch. At this point, I can tell you we have LG plus three additional partners actively working on integrating our technology into their products. Three of the four partners are major companies which each sell millions of devices per year and will enable the Netflix functionality in some of those devices likely in Q4 of this year. The fourth partner is a small company with which — which will likely launch sooner than Q4.

So who are these guys? I sure hope Sony (PS3), Microsoft (Xbox 360, VMC), TiVo, and/or Apple (ATV) are among the partners. I obviously want to see Netflix Service on a multipurpose device (other than LG’s connected DVD player). And that “small company” has me most intrigued.

(via Hacking Netflix)

11 thoughts on “Netflix’s Silent Hardware Partners?”

  1. Apple wouldn’t, but us consumers would… Assuming Netflix offers the same terms they offer now: Unlimited streaming. As far as the existing “boxes” which I mentioned, the Xbox 360 would be the front runner given Netflix Watch Now is already Microsoft-centric and the 360 video service could use the content infusion. Apple TV resells their video directly and TiVo has hooked up with Amazon Unbox, so they’re less likely. Not sure what Sony is doing… they’re a tv and movie studio, so they have rights to all their own content. They could use it themselves or leverage access in some sort of deal. Q4 will be interesting…

  2. Am I reading this wrong, Netflix will have not one but four different STBs by year end? Seriously?

    Aren’t we going in the wrong direction here? Shouldn’t what I want to watch be in the cloud and I can view it from anywhere, with whatever? Dedicated, proprietary hardware that slathers on the DRM and restricts my options makes Todd sad. :(

  3. I am rooting for the 360, being that’s what I have and would mesh nice with my netflix account. I have been catching up old episodes of the 70’s show Emergency (what bad acting!). It would seem to me the 10 million 360’s out there would be a nice item to get in on, or go with the millions of Tivo’s out there would work too. Problem I see with Tivo, aren’t most Tivo’s out there still the older analog ones?
    Dave, I have said this before but what about being added onto the Slingcatcher seems like it’d be a killer app to be added in. *dreams of the day the catcher is out*

  4. Rob, the initial features we’ve talked about are just that – initial. We see this it as a platform that will continue to evolve, and we’ve got some ideas where we want it to go. Though we haven’t announced any specific additional functionality or partnerships. Regarding where we are today, the SlingProjector application will transmit any audio and video from a PC to TV. And if you look at my HTPC plasma pics that’s the Catcher on the right. Employee perk. :)

  5. Dang, yet another reason to be jealous of you Sling employees!!!! In the short term, I hope Netflix joins up with Xbox, it might be even another reason I’d have to purchase another Xbox. Plus, being there are a lot of people that are not “gamers” but still have Xbox 360’s I think it’s a perfect marriage. As for now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed to see a Slingcatcher someday soon. :)

  6. Har har. How small exactly is EchoStar? By the way, I saw your Dell 420 at Micro Center yesterday and THAT is anything but small. Man, you’ll definitely have to keep it in the closet.

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