Guessing Netflix’s Partners

Dave Zatz —  April 22, 2008

Over on Geek Tonic, Brent’s taken a stab at guessing the three new Netflix hardware partners: Sony, Microsoft, and TiVo. So, I may as well get my forecast on the record too:

  1. Microsoft (Xbox 360, Vista Media Center, HP media extender televisions, etc)
  2. Toshiba (Connected DVD player – they need to replace HD DVD with something…)
  3. A networking company with media extenders like Netgear or D-Link as the smaller partner

Leave your entries in the comments! Remind me in Q4 and the closest prediction will get something. If we have multiple correct submissions, I’ll randomly choose one for the yet-to-be-determined prize.

15 responses to Guessing Netflix’s Partners

  1. 1.tivo – would be a match made in heaven
    2. nintendo/wii – would be a match made in my personal heaven
    3. motorola

  2. Dave,

    I don´t think netgear or dlink fit the small company guess. I am just coming to this, but I think key is the phrasing that companies are “incorporating Netflix technology” into their boxes. These are not Netflix boxes, but boxes that will do Netflix in addition to what they otherwise do.

    TiVo is a perfect fit for the small description, but so are a few others, incl. Sling; Sling is small even if DISH is big. ;)

    Anyway, who knows. Let´s keep our eyes open.

  3. Nintendo, HP, AMD

  4. 1 – Sony
    2 – xbox
    3 – WalMart super cheapo STB
    4 – TiVo ( though it will be perpetually delayed, quarter after quarter and never actually be released ala SlingCatcher )


  5. Sure, hit me where it hurts. Perhaps you didn’t hear of Sony’s PS3 Home delay today. ;)

  6. Microsoft, HP, Toshiba… and Vudu

  7. I’ve had a few Vudu inquiries… I don’t think it’ll happen. They’ve got their partnerships and lots of content. They’re also working on their own brand. They probably want to do the same thing Netflix is: Vudu on Xbox, Vudu on HP HDTV, etc. Not to mention they’ve got their own unique interface, encoding & distribution methods, and pricing structure.

  8. What, not on SlingCatcher?

  9. @MegaZone: Don’t say that. I would like the SlingCatcher released sometime this year :)

  10. Microsoft
    Somebody weird and unexpected, like Scientific Atlanta

  11. Cisco owns Scientific Atlanta… ;)

  12. Well Dave I think knows my vote….
    1) that nice white box from our frinds in Redmond would be #1. Plus you add in the media oppurtunities you have wtih Vista I think it’d be an nice fit.

    2) that beauiful black box Dave has in his living room would work out great too. Plus, Netflix is down the street almost from the guys at Sling.

    As for Sony and PS3, I don’t know. You have all the money they have put into BD, plus they own their own movie studios. Seems in some ways they would only be fighting against themselves.

  13. Haven’t heard anything from them in a while and I like them, so I’d love to see Humax get into this.

  14. Xbox

    Tivo being the small guy. Amazon will do ala carte, Netflix will do subscription.

  15. 1. Larry
    2. Moe
    3. Curly