CTIA Goodies

In my old age, I’ve become much more selective in the conference schwag I choose to fly home with…

At the Sprint press event featuring Samsung, I performed a Rock Band guitar duet with NPD analyst Ross Rubin and all attendees left with a stereo Bluetooth headset (MSRP $80). I’m not sure how MagicJack makes money selling their VoIP device at only $40 a pop with unlimited US calling, but I was willing to take a review unit as I’m still searching for the right voice solution. Once I’m done checking these out, we’ll give them away here on the site.

On the software side, a Yahoo booth minion updated my Nokia N95 to Yahoo! Go 3. And the Fring folks convinced me I need their multi-IM client for mobiles, which includes voice chat. (Both are free.)

Lastly, while I can’t say the in-booth oxygen or alcohol bars do much for me, I appreciated Real’s blue M&Ms around lunch time. Cisco was also there in my time of need when I grabbed a Linksys pen in passing.

9 thoughts on “CTIA Goodies”

  1. Once again Dave gets the cool toys!! You are DA man bro… keep collecting and reviewing….
    Anytime you need backup let me know.. I’ll take the hit for ya and go to one of those events!!! lol

  2. “I’m not sure how MagicJack makes money selling their VoIP device at only $40 a pop with unlimited US calling”

    Caught an add in the DC/Montgomery MD. market last night for MagicJack. They also were charging $20 a year for US/CA unlimited.

  3. Yah, the first year of service plus hardware is $40 with subsequent years of service @ $20/ea. If all/most of the traffic stayed on the Internet, I could see it – but the traffic is soon offloaded to POTS which I assume incurs fees.

    Was the ad on television or in print?

  4. Doubtful… I’m having mySQL scaling issues and probably have to upgrade my hosting plan yet again. :/ (However, I did notice they were incorrectly appearing in the sidebar and hopefully just remedied that.)

  5. ABOUT: “I’m not sure how MagicJack makes money selling their VoIP device at only $40 a pop with unlimited US calling”

    The company makes money for the renew that the client have to do every year to exten the license to use it. That’s call RESIDUAL. I think the best way to make money is thru RESIDUAL.

    The compaby is extending every time. On day, you won’t believe how many people is gonna use magicjack and the residual will be HUGE!
    Good 4 Dan Borislow. He is set 4life.

  6. Welcome to the first sign of old age. That was one of the first things I remember dropping, but I don´t remember things so well anymore. You have a long adventure ahead.

  7. Dave — Why pay Spoofcard when you can get both incoming AND outgoing calls with Tossable Digits? For $6.99/month, you get a local phone number plus minutes. People can call you just like a regular phone, except that you can add Voicemail, Do Not Disturb (send calls to voicemail during certain hours), and Outdial. Outdial allows you to make calls using your local phone number TD gives you. Now you have a TWO-WAY phone number that you can use on any phone. It’s like a 2nd line for your mobile phone.

    You can also add Toll-Free numbers and International numbers to your account, as well as call anywhere in the world. Check it out!

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