v2 Media Extender Update

linksys-dma2200.jpgI’m later than I’d have liked in pointing out Chris Lanier’s thoughts on the the relatively new Linksys DMA2200 Microsoft-based v2 Media Extender. Overall Chris seems pleased with the form factor and basic extender functionality, though he dings the unit for lacking more comprehensive media format playback capabilities:

I’d give the Linksys DMA2200 a 6/10. It still needs a lot of work, and I really feel at this point with it being a second generation product that these issues shouldn’t exist. For simply extending the “coreâ€? Media Center experience (minus videos), the DMA2200 is fantastic. However, it still lacks in providing format support to bring the device to the level it should be.

Check out the entire series:

Chris also notes that the D-Link DSM-750 v2 extender should be shipping soon. In addition to Windows MCE extender functionality, the D-Link unit should provide more flexible media playback options via it’s Media Lounge interface.

I believe the Xbox 360 is still a better value (gaming, content downloads, and media extender) than these devices, assuming one can deal with the noise and bulk… and that the types of media one intends to play are supported.

2 thoughts on “v2 Media Extender Update”

  1. V2 extenders aren’t very appealing. I run VMC on my HTPC and I am almost positive that I am going to end up buying SageTV’s HD extender due to its superior codec support. The only reason I’m not ordering one right now is I am still archiving (ripping) & organizing all of my media.

  2. I’d just like to see a low cost extender for Tivos. I know, I could just buy another Tivo but that seems like a waste! Besides, then I feel like I need to get the service enabled and it’s more money and. . .

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