TiVo Deploying Comcast & Stand-Alone Updates

TiVo has quietly started rolling out system software 9.3 to TiVo Series2 owners. In addition to what I suspect is under the hood bug squashing and some minor presentation updates, Megazone reports the replacement software adds progressive downloading (view Amazon Unbox and podcast content as it comes in) already available to Series3 and TiVo HD owners. I assume those (we) S3/HD owners will also be subject to an update at some point, but I haven’t yet seen any reports on the forum. Keep an eye on tivo.com/priority to get in early.

The New England Comcast-TiVo rental units will also be getting a series of improvements:

the next software release for the Comcast DVR with TiVo Service is now targeted to begin rolling out next week, beginning with the towns surrounding our Derry NH cable system, and will be rolling out to the other systems where Comcast DVR with TiVo service is available over the following few weeks. To recap, this software release will include a firmware fix for the reboot loop bug on DCH boxes (aka the “8888” display bug), enable Dolby Digital output for DCH boxes, correct the Guide HD filter behavior, and include other bug fixes.

8 thoughts on “TiVo Deploying Comcast & Stand-Alone Updates”

  1. At last, the bugs in the last update have been driving me nuts… that and waiting an hour before my movie finished downloading.

  2. Ever since I recieved this update, I’ve noticed that my S2 is slower in responding to the remote than it was before the update. Has anyone else see this come up? I have a s2 with a 200 GB harddrive.

  3. I’ve had the update for more than a few days…The guide should have been updated by now…

    The slowdown I’m seeing is on almost any button press associated with the menuing system. Tivo button, select right and left arrows, etc. I’m even getting hiccups on 30 sec skip and ff and play buttons occationally.

  4. I suspect the real problems with Tivo on Comcast (i.e. the slow response time and the intermittent dropping of button pushes) will be unfixable, and will dog the system until they give up on it.

  5. The Priority list is just Series2 units at the moment. TiVo PR actually sent me a chart several days ago when the page went live which outlined a variety of performance improvements (which have also been blogged elsewhere). I’m still stuck in Vegas, so posting is light. Sorry!

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