New Scripted Shows for the Xbox

There’s good news out today if you’re an Xbox owner and into the console’s content downloading features. Microsoft has done a deal with producer and agent Peter Safran to create short, scripted shows for the Xbox. Yes scripted, not reality TV. Saffran says he’ll focus first on horror and comedic fare, appealing to the male, 14-34 demographic. No word yet on the advertising model (Pre-rolls? Interstitial commercials? Product placement?), but new shows should be available to the Xbox Live audience by this fall.

I’m still skeptical of the Xbox-as-Trojan-horse theory, mainly because I don’t know any who own an Xbox except for Dave. I know a few folks with PlayStations (there’s a PS2 in our house), and increasingly I hear friends say they’ve picked up the Wii to play with the kids. But certainly Microsoft is doing a good job of continuing to expand the range of entertainment available on Xbox Live. Are there enough people like Dave around to watch it?

4 thoughts on “New Scripted Shows for the Xbox”

  1. It will be interesting to see how this works. I know more people with xbox 360’s then PS3’s. But, will I watch a scripted show? I am not sure about that….then again I am 35 so I guess I am out of their age demo…:(

  2. I’ll order movies on occasion, but the Xbox isn’t going to replace my cable provider (sadly?). Unless someone tells me it’s amazing, can’t miss programming I doubt I’ll check it out. I wonder if this will be (or remain?) an exclusive deal…

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