Mobile Multimedia Updates

winmo-silverlight.pngFirst, we hear Silverlight is headed for Nokia handsets. And today, Flash Lite and Silverlight are confirmed for Windows Mobile. Woo! It’s good to see these media-rich technologies land on portable devices. Though, there’s still no confirmation of Flash for the iPhone. But it’s inevitable… Right?

Honestly, I’m not particular about which specific technologies land on these handsets as long as they let me listen Pandora or Slacker – my XM lineup would be nice too. In the interim, my (jailbroken) iPhone streams iRadio and my Nokia N95 is utilizing Internet Radio.

7 thoughts on “Mobile Multimedia Updates”

  1. Hey Dave, ping me if you want and I’ll dig up the guide to stream XM to your iPhone. It’s a bit cumbersome and it involves leaving your PC on to use as a server (not a prob for most of us). I use the process with Sirius and it works perfectly – even over EDGE most of the time.

  2. Nice, I didn’t even think about relaying it over WiFi with something like ShoutCast. However, my Windows dekstop is mostly off these days and a MacBook Pro is my primary computer – and I close the lid when not in use. :)

  3. Sprint customers have it easy with XM ;)

    With the iPhone, you can use uXM or uSirius to create MMS-streams, then use Orb’s MyCast to broadcast them over the internet. Works like a charm if your PC is always on, albeit a cumbersome option. Haven’t tried any shoutcast solutions.

    I’ll be posting on another upcoming solution today or tomorrow that once released, will make all of this a whole lot easier for us…

  4. Don’t expect Flash for the iPhone ever.

    Adobe hates Apple, Apple hates Adobe.

    Flash & it’s new DRM is not making any friends at Apple.

    Flash is a video shell – Apple already has that.

    Flash is mostly used to animated ads for browsers – slowing iphone browsing so 99.99% pointless.

    With iphone SDK anything that’s a flash “app” can be a full fledged app so flash redundant.

    Flash is not going anywhere near an iphone.

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