Hulu Released From Beta


As expected, Hulu is being released from beta today:

Beginning today, consumers in the U.S. can go to to watch a large selection of hit TV shows, movies, clips and more in high-quality – anytime, for free. On, consumers can enjoy one of the largest selections of legal, free videos from more than 50 top broadcast networks, cable networks, movie studios and web-centric content providers. Hulu’s library offers full-length episodes from more than 250 TV series. In addition, Hulu offers 100 full-length feature films. Hulu also provides short clips from 150 more TV series as well as 50 additional films.

There’s tons of content, but I’d hoped for complete seasons of episodes at launch… However, there’s still no episode availability rhyme or reason (that I can discern). For example, where’d Burn Notice go? I also thought we’d have seen a more dramatic visual refresh and improved navigation… Though, one of Hulu’s strengths is that simple, straight forward interface (of long lists).

If you’re not one of the 200+ people responsible for my carpal tunnel syndrome I already invited, go sign yourself up here.

5 thoughts on “Hulu Released From Beta”

  1. Well, there do appear to be complete seasons of some shows… particularly shows that were canceled after one season many years ago. And there are actually some movies I might want to watch. But when they said they’d signed Warner Brothers TV as a content, I kind of figured they’d have something more than Welcome Back, Kotter.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised with the movie content. Wonder what Netflix will make of this? Of course, they can point to their higher resolutions (for now) and commercial-free playback.

  3. Unless Hulu drives DVD sales… In which case, the random arrangement of episodes makes less sense. Why not offer the first X episodes of each season? Netflix is still my answer for most content.

  4. I am very impressed with the NUMBER of shows on Hulu, but the amount of CONTENT per show is disappointing. I agree with you that there there’s no obvious way to figure out availability.

    There needs to be some sort of a simple way for people to figure what is available. For example, “X episodes of current show’s ongoing season” or “past seasons released X days/months after DVD availability”. That’s true not only for Hulu but for other digital media.

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