Comcast and BitTorrent Agree To Something

Comcast and BitTorrent have announced they’re cozying up

Comcast Corporation and BitTorrent, Inc. announced today that they will undertake a collaborative effort with one another and with the broader Internet and ISP community to more effectively address issues associated with rich media content and network capacity management. While BitTorrent and Comcast are talking directly, they are also in discussions with other parties to help facilitate a broader dialogue and cooperation across industries. Both BitTorrent and Comcast expressed the view that these technical issues can be worked out through private business discussions without the need for government intervention.

In the release, Comcast also mentions they’ll move to a “protocol agnostic” network management system by the end of the year, though I didn’t see anything regarding “source” or “destination” agnostic. So, it’s yet to be seen if this is really net neutral and how the FCC will respond. Regardless, it’s significant and appreciated that Comcast made the progressive choice to initiate an open dialog.

In other Comcast news, today is supposedly the day I’ll receive Internet and cable television service… However, I’m not feeling hopeful. The technician has already called and said he may or may not arrive within the three hour window (which is OK since I’m working from home and fully expected that call). However, he only has one CableCARD with him and will “try” to swing by the office for more. I specifically typed my requirements for 3 CableCARDs into the service request form. Apparently someone along the way translated/edited that install note into one CableCARD. Wish me some Comcastic luck…

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  1. Comcast & bittorrent together? The end of the world must be ending :)

    Keep us posted on your CableCard experience including installation and results once all is in place. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Huh. Well, could be good news. Think I’ll wait to see it play out though. Not a lot of detals here. Obviously Comcast doesn’t like having users think they’re a lousy ISP I guess. I presume that Verizon’s constant “we have so much bandwidth we don’t need to do stuff like this” had some impact too.

  3. Wow, this installer has the best demeanor for his job. Totally laid back, but thorough… and he actually beat the three hour arrival window. Not only did he bring the three CableCARDs (one was an M-Card), he brought three backups. He also brought a backup modem. And (on his own) he took off his boots and left them at the door. It took nearly 90 minutes, including a 38 minute call to his dispatcher to provide CableCARD and modem numbers, plus troubleshoot the Internet connectivity (while playing Solitaire on his work PocketPC). Considering some of my previous installers over the last three years (one didn’t show, another got aggressive and had to be escorted out, and his replacement drilled a hole through our dresser) this guy is champ. He was surprised with his $20 tip, but I told him I’m willing to pay for good service (especially since I have low expectations).

    While he was futzing with the modem, he let me take the CableCARDs and “install” them. I also wrote down the card, host, and data numbers from the TiVo/TV so he’d be quicker on his call in. Though, like I said it still took 38 minutes. Not a very efficient process… is reporting 20,444Kbps up and 1,952Kbps down. (And the second test was faster.) Sweet!

  4. I am glad you got connected back up to teh intertubes Dave, but I find the “celebratory” tone baffling.

    The Service provider simply provided “OK”, “standard” service but it’s like the mirrored ball just dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. To me that’s a really sad statement on the state Consumer/Service provider relationship.

  5. Yep, generally speaking consumer/merchant relationships seem unfavorable to consumers and it feels like customer service has really declined. (Good thing, I can buy most stuff online these days.) However, the larger situation is what it is… and today was successful. If giving that guy $20 encourages him to provide “standard” service to others, then we’re making progress. Besides, I was originally quoted $80 for the “install” which they ended up deciding was “only” $36.

  6. We’re moving to a new place this weekend too and I am pissed that the only broadband I can get in the new place is comcast (in Gainesville, va) I’m just praying to god that I can get a tech like you did. I’m not confident having ditched comcast months ago at our current apartment in favor of verizon dsl. I currently live near the comcast office where an unhappy customer recently took a hammer to the computers…

    The kicker: Found out that VZ is laying FiOS fiber in the neighborhood I’m moving out of this month. Dang.

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