The Non-News Event Of The Day

vlg_xbox_netflix2widec.jpgQuite a few seemed to think today would be the day Microsoft and Netflix jointly announce a (new) Xbox 360 video service at the Game Developers Conference. However, I wasn’t optomistic. And it didn’t happen. While I’d like to see a revitalized Live Marketplace and expect it’d be good for both companies, it’ll take some time to get from survey to service… And having read some cagey commentary from Netflix’s corporate rep, it may very well be on the table.

Place your virtual wager… Which arrives first: Gears of War 2 or Xbox Netflix video streaming?

11 thoughts on “The Non-News Event Of The Day”

  1. November of 08 for Gears? Nice. I actually think that Netflix will have something in place before then. I’m hoping by the end of Summer. Absolutely nothing behind that prediction, just a desire to see it happen.

  2. I’m guessing a Netflix deal with Microsoft is in the works. Something more official than the current user-made plugin that will give both Vista Media Center as well as Xbox 360 access to Netflix’s streaming library.

    Just a guess on my part though.

  3. This would make sense now that HD-DVD is dead, Xbox doesn’t have that to offer. Now take all those Netflix people, offer them the chance to get movies via xbox live, you have a whole knew crop of customers. Not to mention the people that would look at buying a 2nd box to set up in another room just for the streaming aspect a 360 can offer.

  4. I think GoW2 will come first from those two, but if you think on a larger scale (IPTV, Another VoD service which will maybe get Netflix support later on) then I think some sort of video service will release first.

  5. I’m with you, Tom – in fact, CoD4 may be my favorite 360 game ever. Though I wish it had some of the vehicle support found in Battlefield Modern Combat. Let me pilot the chopper after 7 kills!

    However, I mentioned GoW2 as it was one of the GDC announcements (with a release date of 11/08).

  6. Not holding my breath. I think NetFlix is in the process of really screwing up here. They should be trying to be on EVERYTHING.

    If something does get announced, I’m gonna bet its just the online streaming they’ve got now, not real high quality DVD replacement video downloads.

    Similarly, given Apple TV v2 I think Microsoft needs to work on their content one way or another…

  7. Since Microsoft sells/rents content on Xbox Live, I don’t know if partbership with Netflix would be to their liking.

    P.S. I liked GoW because of simple controls and checkpoint-saves. It’s very easy to pick up and play for 15-30 minutes instead of hours at a time.

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