Confirmed: TiVo Rewards Killed


TiVo has updated their site and sent out email notifications confirming that the current referral program will conclude 5/28, as covered earlier this week. However, they’re going out with a bang – new rewards include TiVo HD packages of 120,000 and 150,000 points with Lifetime Service (which I suggested). Nice! They’ve also alluded to a replacement loyalty program debuting later this year…

I’ve done a pretty crappy job marketing myself and have only 92,000 points to cash in. So unless you kind readers take care of me ( these next few months, I’ll be loading up on Glo Remotes (7,500/ea) to give away.

9 thoughts on “Confirmed: TiVo Rewards Killed”

  1. I want a glo remote but I only have 5000 points. I wish they would let me purchase a glo remote with my 5000 points plus like $5 or $10 to make up the difference. How about it Dave? Can you hook me up with a glo??

  2. The addition of the My DVR Expander drive to the rewards options gives me something to shoot for over the next couple of months! I already have 10,000 points. :-)

  3. As I told Megazone, if there was anything good on TV I might have picked up the hard drive. ;) I actually have the sharp, sharp looking Seagate FreeAgent Pro in here for review and then (hopefully) to give away. Speaking of giveaways… Ben, I’ll do a few raffles for Glo remotes at some point.

  4. I went and spent my 5k points on an extra remote and Ten Mini Plush Dolls this morning. If I could have spent even $25 and gotten a glo remote I would have.

  5. Glo remotes are cool! If I had realized that they were programmable, I’d gotten one when they first came out as there are only a few TV buttons I use regularly.

    I got one last week and “taught” Input button to control my TV’s aspect ratios and Mute button controls Closed Captioning.

    P.S. I do have Logitech’s programmable Harmony remote (360 version) but TiVo remote is so much better for TiVo watching (skip-back & 30-sec skip).

  6. Bob: What don’t you like about the glo remote? I’m not really planning on purchasing one in the near future, but I’m interested in knowing what you don’t like.

    I’ve got a TiVo HD if it makes any difference in your opinion of the usefulness.


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