Apple’s Got Game?


By appyling to expand their trademark coverage last week, Apple’s keeping the door open to enter the gaming arena:

Toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing video games; stand alone video game machines; electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; LCD game machines; electronic educational game machines; toys, namely battery-powered computer games.

I could imagine Apple bringing additional casual gaming titles to the iPod (iPhone and Apple TV too), but I’m not sure what else (worthwhile) they can bring to the industry at this point. Though the “educational game machines” angle is interesting… A LeapFrog-a-like or how about a Hypercard 2008 tablet? The industry segment that could use the Apple touch is digital photography.

7 thoughts on “Apple’s Got Game?”

  1. Wow I thought the Xbox one was ugly! LOL… I think the only way that apple could survive in the “console wars” would be to take on the PSP & the DS in the hand-held area. I would buy one :) (would this be called the IGame?)

  2. Good luck Apple, that’s a very tough business to get into! Handheld, now I can see that but console, they’re mad.

  3. “he industry segment that could use the Apple touch is digital photography.”

    What do you mean?

    I agree that there’s little chance of seeing an Apple game console in the next 2-3 years. It would be funny to watch Ballmer turn red and go ballistic if Apple DID enter the market, though.

  4. If apple did join the gaming industry, i think it would be a good opprotunity to try and crush mirosoft. it seems for everything apple turns out gates designs something almost completely the same. also, if apple could by some chance make something more popular than an xbox 360 (hypotheticaly) not only would apple shame microsoft, but i bet more companies would start making games for the macintosh. that will probably never happen though :(

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