CES: Slingbox PRO-HD and BlackBerry Mobile Client Unveiled


In case you haven’t caught the news ’round the blogosphere, we’ve just announced the Slingbox PRO-HD and SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry. Both will be available for purchase later this year and both will be on display at CES in Las Vegas next week.


The Slingbox PRO-HD ($399.99) will stream high-def video at up to 1080i and with 5.1 digital audio. Hopefully Ben Drawbaugh (of EngadgetHD) will finally stop sending me hate mail, as we’re incorporating a digital tuner for ATSC and clear QAM content! Like the PRO before it, the PRO-HD will have multiple inputs (and outputs) – supporting a variety of HD and SD sources. Not only will we be able to placeshift HD to a computer, the PRO-HD can ship that high-def content off to another HDTV via the forthcoming SlingCatcher.

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry ($29.99) will bring the same placeshifting functionality currently available on select Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbian handsets to RIM’s platform later this year. We’re trying something a little new with the interface to take advantage of the BlackBerry trackball, and I’m really digging the “carousel.” Keep an eye on our Sling Community Channel Beta blog for an upcoming opportunity…

As you may have surmised from the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 pic above, I’m at the airport headed to Vegas. Talk to you on the other side.

15 thoughts on “CES: Slingbox PRO-HD and BlackBerry Mobile Client Unveiled”

  1. Looking forward to the Slingshot for the BB!! I went to the Beta addy to apply. Looks great Dave and thanx for the updates!

  2. Todd – I Sling over EDGE on my Treo 680, and have also done so on my Treo 650. If you have a *good* EDGE connection it works decently, good enough to watch. 3G is obviously going to be better, but EDGE is workable.

    Sling *officially* only supports 3G since EDGE can be iffy, and at the low-end EDGE isn’t fast enough to sustain a good stream.

  3. Dave:

    Are you saying that the PRO-HD can take a 720p or 1080i COMPONENT input and Sling at a 720p or 1080i res?

    Also, CNET says its in home only, not over Internet. What’s the story?

  4. Now that Apple is releasing the SDK, any chance of a Sling ap for the iPhone? I gave my wife a new Treo 750 for Christmas to replace her old 600, and I am so envious of the Sling client. Even if EDGE is iffy, I am often able to use the iPhone with WiFi.


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