CES: Harmony One

harmony-one.jpgAfter a looong time, Logitech is finally updating their Harmony remote line with the One. (The Harmony 1000 slab is a different product category as far as I’m concerned.) Given the extended gestation and $249 price point, I’m not particularly impressed. The remote looks and feels bulky.

I was browsing the show with Kyle Copeland (half the team behind Beginning TiVo Programming and Audio Faucet) when I swung by the Logitech booth. We agree the Harmony One display has been improved over the 880 – both in appearance and the very nice touch screen/control. However, Kyle found the clarity/resolution to be lacking. And when compared to his iPhone, it surely was.

Both the 880 and One share the same MSRP, so those new to Harmony should consider the One with improved finish, display, and charging cradle. (Though the 880 is often discounted by 50%…) However, those who currently own the 880 (as I do) will have a hard time justifying an upgrade.

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  1. it would be sweet if they integrated a harmony with their media center keyboard you mentioned the other day, in some sort of crazy-detachable-keyboard-remote-combo

  2. Looks nice, but my old MX-500 works perfect for my needs. My dad uses the Harmony remote for his setup though.

    I wonder what they’ll call the next version of the Harmony Remote? Will it be “The Next One”?

  3. I have the first remote Harmony launched (the 768) before Logitech took over, and I was never able to use it effectively, especially with Tivo.

    How do the new Harmony remotes work as far as Tivo control? Is there no getting over the peanut?

  4. I love my 880 (despite the annoying charging issue). I agree that this doesn’t seem to be that much of an improvement.

  5. Pol, I’ve always tweaked mine at initial setup and then had no real probs. Though… We have Harmony remotes in both the livingroom and bedroom, but always gravitate to the TiVo Glo Remotes.

    Brian, I’ve had two 880s (currently down to 1) and one rested in the charger just fine. Unfortunately, that’s the one I don’t have any longer. My current one loses contact all the time and can beep all night if I’m not careful in how I sit it down. Could explain why it usually has no charge. ;)

  6. Dave,
    That’s what I figured. It works well for all the A/V equipment, but I always found myself “going back to the peanut.”

  7. I haven’t really been following closely. Are there any decent competitors in the same price range as the Harmony models yet? I have an 880, and it’s ok, but I don’t love it. Last time I looked into it, most of the other options were either much less capable or much more expensive (sometimes both!)…

  8. I sold my 880 and returned to the peanut, but the One has me wanting to give it another chance. Especially after I spoke with people at CES at the booth and they were aware of all of my gripes and said they were already working to address them.

  9. I have an older Logitech Harmony 520 and am definitely not impressed. At over $100 it’s too expensive and too difficult to program it correctly. I really hope these new models work better especially at these ridiculous price points.

  10. The 880 is the best if you jump between multiple devices (AppleTV) and/or the stereo, which I do.

    Thanks again Dave for alerting me of a Dell sale on the 880 a few years ago!

    If you just have a tivo and tv, I agree the Glo peanut is the way to go! The feel and layout of that remote is heavenly.

  11. Is the layout of buttons more similar to the peanut (which, generally, is remote control perfection)? I love the 880’s functionality (I have four of them), but not so much the button layout.

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