CES Approaches…

ces-logo.gifThe show floor doesn’t actually open until Monday, but the deluge of announcements has already begun… Last year, Netgear sponsored my Consumer Electronics Show blogging and I took a week of vacation from my day job. This year, my day job and CES are one in the same. No vacation and posting will be light — I’m sure to miss out on timely coverage of the juicy news. (Even the stuff I’ve already been briefed on.)

Mari will most likely be in the Motorola booth (LVCC Center Hall) on Monday and Tuesday, and I’ll be found in the Sling booth (Sands) all day M-W. Additionally, I’ll be attending CES Unveiled on Saturday as a blogger, Digital Experience on Sunday as an exhibitor, and Showstoppers on Monday as blogger. Come find us if you’d like to say hello or learn more about our new stuff!

If you’ll be attending CES, virgins and veterans alike should review Jeremy Toeman’s CES survival tips. I’ve given up on ever having a light backpack (two laptops, multiple phones, etc.), but I will have Purel and athletic socks. Breath mints, too.

3 thoughts on “CES Approaches…”

  1. I’m jealous. I’d love to attend, but I trust you and Mari will keep us up-to-date with the good stuff from CES. Have fun and enjoy!


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