Xbox 360 Update Includes DivX/Xvid Support


The rumors (and Davis Freeberg) were right… Microsoft has confirmed next week’s Xbox 360 update will include DivX and Xvid support. However, as Chris Lanier points out, playback is limited to the Dashboard — there’ll be no media extender streaming from Vista or XP. Meaning, we’ll most likely be sneakernetting our compatible video on USB storage. Check out FAQ 10. for the inconsistent playback options.

Additional Fall Update features include Xbox Originals, enhanced online profile and friends list, plus:

several noteworthy changes in the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, from the new Game Store button to the Video Store button to enhanced visuals and descriptions in the video library

Click here for a complete listing of additions and improvements. (How come TiVo doesn’t provide a changelog like this?)

5 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Update Includes DivX/Xvid Support”

  1. I think streaming of DivX file WILL be supported. Look at the table in the middle of the page…it says streaming from Windows Media Player 11 for AVI files (and MPEG-4) will be supported, but not through the Zune player.

  2. Yesterday (12/10) I setup my system to stream XVID files from WMP11 to my XBOX360. Looks pretty awesome on my 42″ Panny Plasma!!

  3. I’ve streamed two SD Xvid shows from my Mac (using Connect360) and I’m pleased as well. Nice, nice update. Doesn’t matter to me if MCE streaming isn’t supported, uPnP is good enough – especially since the MCE extender functionality isn’t what I’d call sprightly.

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