Best Gaming Chair Ever?


I’ve done the bean bag thing. I’ve even done the rocking gaming chair thing. While those were relatively comfortable, I could use something a bit more sophisticated in the living room. Which is why the Jump Seat Ottoman, announced yesterday by Salamander Designs, is quite appealing.

When closed, the Jump Seat would allow me to masquerade as an adult with a fairly refined ottoman. When open, the kids can continue to kick my butt on Xbox Live. I also appreciate the recessed compartment to store my wireless controller and headset. Hopefully it’s as comfortable as it is practical.

Salamander’s PR rep tells me availability and pricing will be announced at CES. Though, each ottoman will be a custom order (type of leather, color, accessories) and prices will vary – I expect each Jump Seat to run at least several hundred dollars.

6 thoughts on “Best Gaming Chair Ever?”

  1. I’m not sure what the best chair is. I’ve used many variations and not found the “best” chair yet.

    I am currently using a barstool some of the time for gaming since the game console is in our home bar. Gaming while drinking is not required of course…

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I thought it wouldn’t take long for retailers to dream up this piece of furniture. But it did! And they did! But it’s worth the wait.

    – John

  3. Is this serious? it looks like it could be in “Get Smart”!

    If you want a real video game chair, I play in the Renegade Game Chair (

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