TiVo Offers Free Music Video Downloads


From TiVo’s press release:

Music Choice will deliver its wide-ranging catalog of several thousand music videos and original programming to the television through the TiVoCast service. At launch nearly a thousand video titles are available and this number is expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks. When considering the robust Music Choice offering and the recently announced availability of Rhapsody, with the current Internet radio offering from Live365, TiVo users truly have a 360-degree musical playground.

I just gave the (free) service a quick spin (check out the screen grabs below) while blowing time in the Toronto airport before heading down to NYC. Music Choice doesn’t do much for me, but TiVo’s obviously done a nice job beefing up their broadband offerings this year (Amazon Unbox, Rhapsody, many more “TiVoCast” partners, etc) – helping set it apart from the generic cableco DVR. (Then again, cable offered VOD and Music Choice long before TiVo…)

musicchoice5.png musicchoice7.jpg musicchoice6.png

musicchoice4.jpg musicchoice1.jpg musicchoice3.jpg

5 thoughts on “TiVo Offers Free Music Video Downloads”

  1. Eventually, the TIVO remote is going to need some sort of new age cell phone-esque keyboard as I have been at times frustrated with the alphabet picking in the search windows.

  2. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Actually, I was thinking bigger – like a wireless keyboard with USB dongle. The Verizon FiOS TV interface include a few interesting keypad options, including cellphone style. A recent keying issue on TiVo could be that it seems each HME app has it’s own on-screen keyboard layout.

    I was also thinking it’d be nice if the Xbox 360 offered a ton more movie downloads and utilized their keyboard controller-attachment for text searches.

  3. I tried this out last night. My biggest issue with it is that the copyright flags seem inconsistent. It’s hard to tell how long each one will be available without going to every file and hitting info. Maybe if there was some way to sort it so that you could watch the videos in the order that their flags expire.

    Am I missing something here?

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