Deck the Malls with Sony


I’ve learned to take my camera with me whenever I hit the local King of Prussia mall — every few months something interesting pops up. This weekend it was a new Sony holiday display. Display is probably too mild a word as the footprint of this thing is probably two thirds the size of my house. The big showcase is the Sony Blu-ray theater, complete with Walt Disney and Pirates of the Caribbean branding. However, there are also a bunch of PS3 stations (still battling the Wii and the Xbox) with shoppers trying their luck at different games. Click to enlarge the additional pics:

sony-xmas-at-kop-3.JPG sony-xmas-at-kop-2.JPG

5 thoughts on “Deck the Malls with Sony”

  1. The tour was actually “Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour” sponsored by Panasonic. The PS3 is featured as one of many set-tops that play them discs, but you see a lot more Panasonics.

  2. Wow. If this was sponsored by Panasonic, the company didn’t get a good deal on signage. With Blu-Ray and PS3s highlighted, I just assumed this was done by Sony.

  3. It is Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour, sponsored by Panasonic.

    I was going to try to catch it last weekend when it came through my areas – but I was in LA working a con. Damn conflicts.

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