Deal of the Day: $40 off OS X Leopard


While browsing the beautiful new Micro Center (Rockville, MD) yesterday, I ran across a pretty sweet deal on Mac OS X Leopard. Assuming you’re not one of the millions who’s already upgraded, Micro Center’s $40 rebate is being offered both in-store and online though 11/11. While Spaces appeals to me, I haven’t really felt the urge to update my MacBook Pro. Though I did re-Vista-fy my Media Center PC last week.

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  1. Dave, I still think Amazon’s price of $109 shipped is better. Once you figure in tax and shipping (or gas, if you have an MC store near you), they’re virtually the same, not to mention the stamp for the rebate! Plus, you’re waiting around for a $40 rebate. I’ve heard good things about MicroCenter’s rebates, but why take the chance.

  2. I got my Xbox 360 for half price through them, so I can vouch for a smooth rebate process. You’re right that tax (and $6 for shipping if ordering online) eat into the savings and rebates are generally a PITA. But it’s still a decent deal worth sharing. If the checkout line hadn’t been so long, I might have picked it up – or if the BlueAnt Z9 had been cheaper and given me a reason to stand in that line.

  3. Dave, no question, deals are always worth sharing. I considered purchasing it through them, but when I did the math it just wasn’t worth it to me:

    $129.99-$40(rebate)= $89.99
    $89.99+$10.89(NYS tax on $129.99)= $100.88
    $100.88+$5.99 shipping= $106.87
    $106.87+.41 (stamp– hey, so I’m silly))= $107.28
    So, 107.28 and you still have to wait for the rebate.
    I’d rather not deal with a $40 rebate just to save $1.72

  4. At the time I had couple reasons (and I guess I was in the mood for a project), but can only remember the main one now… I did something that hosed the MCE portion of XP which kept spawning error messages like every minute or so. I could have rolled back to an earlier XP image, but I was playing with Vista MCE at work a couple weeks ago (and also read Kevin’s Vongo update) and wanted to check out some of the new plugins (including Internet TV – meh) so I figured I’d fire it back up.

    Performance still isn’t great, but it’s also not my primary computer. A dedicated video card should noticeably improve things. If I plan on using it more frequently, I’ll order one or drop by my new favorite store (above).

  5. I was at that Microcenter a few weeks ago and it wasn’t nearly as cool as the one in Virginia in my opinion. It’s a lot neater and more organized but the charm of Microcenter to me is that it’s a huge warehouse with unorganized rows of cheap computer stuff. The BYOPC area in the back is pretty neat though with the different mobos, it was empty though when I went.

    We’ll have to see if it gets any better with time, I certainly hope so because I live in Bethesda so it’s a lot closer than the VA store, although with traffic it still takes a while.

  6. The first day I went it was empty, but last night it was packed. I’ve never seen a computer store with so many people – on a Saturday night, no less. Though, most had brochures so it could have been inflated due to promotions.

    As far as the Rockville store itself, I guess I’m a sucker for good looks (and organization). The Fairfax one has good stuff, but finding things there drives me crazy. Hard drives are in like three or four different places? If I were just browsing, it could be fun stumbling on interesting things (like a Costco) – but I’m usually on a mission for something specific.

    I might be a bit south of you (Chevy Chase) and it probably takes about 30 mins to hit either location, though I’m more often up the Pike than in VA these days.

  7. Ah, it’s good to hear about Rockville Pike. Spent my high school youth there. Sounds like I have a new reason to go besides skipping class to eat at Jerry’s Subs and Pizza or hanging out at Bennigans on the weekends…

  8. I have heard good and bad things about the leopard upgrade. Some apps not working, stability issues, etc. Too many for me to risk the upgrade on my Mac Mini at this time. Maybe I will wait for the first service pack. :)

  9. Mari, The Micro Center took over CompUSA’s retail space right near your Bennigans.

    I made another trip (about 25 mins) and picked up a dedicated video card. An Nvidia derivative (8500 GT, $70 after rebate) which Vista’s performance wizard seems to like. However, it has the noisiest fan I’ve ever encountered in a PC and is not at all conducive to enjoying HD television. I may try unplugging power to the fan, since it’s a pretty well ventilated case, and see what happens.

    The Micro Center was packed again, but at least one of the reasons is folks are coming in with mailers for a free USB flash drive. I did get something in the mail, but dumped it without reading. Which is OK – I’ve got too many flash cards and sticks as it is. I received two Palm 512 USB sticks at their Centro press event last month. Anyone want one?

  10. the micro center in cambridge, mass. is a mess. i love microcenter because they have what i need and its cheap, but finding anything in that store is a chore…

    i took the leopard dive, most everything works fine, except most VPN clients are hosed (juniper in my case) so be wary and check if your vpn client supports leopard before you upgrade. also, if you have a new airport extreme with a usb drive attached, the airport disk utility does not work in leopard, you have to use the ‘shared’ section in the sidebar of finder to get to your disks. its OK i guess, but i liked how the airport disk utility would just mount the drive for you every time. oh yeah, time machine is pretty sweet too

  11. Boston University’s computer store is selling Leopard 10.5 for $69 + shipping. Any student ID will work

    this would be a better deal

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