Cablevision Completes Television CallerID Rollout


As of tomorrow, all Cablevision triple-play (television, data, voice) customers will be capable of receiving CallerID through their Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes. The feature can be toggled on/off and is provided at no extra charge.

CallerID has proven to be a very popular feature in luring and retaining triple-play customers – Cablevision is wise to hop on board. As someone who enjoyed a CallerID overlay on my HTPC and projector five years ago, it’s been interesting to watch this functionality migrate to the mainstream. However, I’ve moved on – Nearly all my calls are wireless these days, so I’ll be without STB CallerID until we start seeing some innovative quadruple plays.

6 thoughts on “Cablevision Completes Television CallerID Rollout”

  1. I’m glad you can turn it off! It would drive me crazy watching all those CallerID notices come up on the screen hours or days later, when I actually watch the show on my TiVo.

  2. I would assume it only displays “live” calls and the data is not recorded along with content. Back in my HTPC days, the app was an overlay not related to the TV feed or recorded content.

  3. This is something I always wished my Tivo would do (back when it was plugged in to the phone line). I even looked into using their Java API to write an app to do this.

    But the API didn’t seem to support that type of application/hacking.

  4. Wow – this might actually motivate me to switch to digital cable… :)

    Very cool feature – and it’ll play nicely when GC is sending my calls to my home line!

  5. This functionality has been available on Dish for years. You can disable it and it does not show up on recorded content.

    It’s great because I’m far too busy trying to stay up-to-date on 12+ shows a week to bother looking over at the phone when it rings.

  6. My sister has Dish or DirecTV, I don’t remember which one. I love how her caller ID shows up on the TV. I guess we all can now enjoy this luxury if we purchase a “triple-play” . Too bad I don’t though. :o(

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