TiVo Updates Fall Software Priority List

TiVoBlog reports that TiVo has expanded their Fall Software priority update page to now offer Series3 and TiVo HD owners version 9.2 – you know, the one with official eSATA support. Though TiVo’s still leaving us in the dark regarding those new hard drive partners:

For TiVo Series3 & TiVo HD DVRs the latest release also enables the use of a TiVo Verified storage device. (COMING SOON)

Guess we’ll find out next week… so get your service numbers submitted. Especially if you’ve encountered 9.1 bugs – Megazone indicates they’ve been resolved. Hopefully an update for Series2 units will also be available shortly. Though, last night, a new TiVo HD replaced my bedroom Humax DVD-burning TiVo which has been experiencing newly introduced networking issues.

4 thoughts on “TiVo Updates Fall Software Priority List”

  1. TiVo better hurry up and fix this thing. The last update has bogged down my series 2 significantly. The new color scheme is pretty and all, but man it takes forever to do even the most basic tasks now.

  2. Good point, John. It’s not like I was missing the ability to view Fandango movie times, but accessing the menu to do stuff was slooow. Reminds me of another buggy update we got maybe a year ago that brought my TiVo to it’s knees.

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