The Vudu Fire Sale ($249)

Beating the rapid iPhone price drop by two or three weeks, Vudu has significantly reduced the price of hardware by $150 about 50 days after launch. While it’s not clear if the early adopters will get some sort of compensation, à la Apple, and while I still question the market potential of a dedicated movie download box (not named Netflix), at this price I’m willing to have a conversation. It’s even possible that during a moment of gadget weakness I might make a purchase.

In other Vudu news, the company has signed a deal with broadband provider Greenfield Communications – who will resell and install boxes to customers in Southern California and Arizona.

(Thanks, Jon!)

7 thoughts on “The Vudu Fire Sale ($249)”

  1. I heard they will honor all prior buyers with the full difference in price, whether in cash or movies that you buy or rent I know not.
    A price drop is always great, but…
    Their superior content is what I believe sets this company way ahead of everyone ( as well as the smashing remote and graphics.)

    Their content or 5000 going to 10000 (my favorite thing) will also increase greatly when they add TV in January, according to what I read online. There is a lot more content on TV, so I would guess their content numbers will soon double once more over the programmed 10 K.


  2. No, the VUDURULES code did not work during that “sale.” Seems that the price is back up to the $399 now though… must have been a special.

  3. Damn, I had emailed their marketing VP for a look now that Vudu is priced below most HD DVD and Blu-ray players. Err.. make that “was” priced. Wonder what the reduction was all about and why it didn’t stick?

  4. The price drop is nice, but it seems to me that any kind of product of this type is doomed to fail if the rumored netflix box offers the same service with their monthly fee subscription. I’m looking forward to a netflix box, although If I were nexflix, i would try to hook up with Tivo and provide an all in one box.

  5. This beats apple for stupid marketing. Drop the price so everyone knows its value, get a lot of press, then immediately cancel the sale.
    I bet they fly off the shelves at $400 now ;-)

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