4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Can you hear me now?”

  1. Left to right: Treo 700w (work), Treo 700p (work), Treo 750 (Dave), Blackjack (Dave), Dash (Melissa), Nokia N73 (work), Nokia N95 (work), Blackberry 8320 (Melissa)

  2. The only really cool thing about this picture is the Mach 5. I’m trying to figure out why it is there. What are you trying to say? BTW – Do women come up to you and ask “Are these all your phones? Wanna take a bath?” =)

  3. Haha, yeah right. Though when I’m traveling for work, I usually have 4 or 5 phones and at least 1 laptop (last trip I had 2) with me… I always worry airport security will give me a hard time, but they never have. The only thing that got them excited recently was a portable DVD player in my backpack which they said I’m supposed to take out for screening (new rule).

    Mach 5 is there just for fun. Glad you recognized it. :)

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