New Blog Alert: “Comcast Must Die”

We’ve got a potentially interesting and a, most-assuredly, provocatively titled new blog in town… According to Multichannel News:

Giving Comcast subscribers an online forum for complaints about the cable TV operator, media columnist and radio commentator Bob Garfield launched Web site on Friday. The Web site debuted about four weeks after Garfield first penned a column headlined “Comcast Must Die,â€? in Advertising Age.

While my Comcast service and interactions have improved lately, like all companies there’s room for improvement.

First off, for months (maybe more!) I can’t get a simple online listing of the channels I receive. I’m always greeted with the same message: “We are currently working to provide channel lineup information for your area.” In the old days the cable company would provide a card of listings, but apparently they aren’t available in my area… I can understand reducing printing costs and waste given the regular channel additions, removals, and moves. But there’s no excuse for not updating a web page.

And speaking of web pages without info, that brings me to my second point. How much does Comcast service cost? Nobody knows. It’s not posted online. It’s not posted (or maybe not obvious) in the customer service office I visit. It’s not even clear when I call in… Do HD channels like ESPN and Discovery cost more or require the Digital Tier? They used to charge, then they didn’t, and then suddenly the Digital Tier appeared in my lineup (for a fee) which I noticed a few weeks after calling in with a reception problem. And how much are CableCARD rentals? Both mine are free, and Comcast quotes $1.91/mo max for extra cards. However, at some point they added a pricing disclaimer. Guess they had to since, CableCARD costs seem to be all over the map.

What sort of issues are you having with your cable or satellite provider?

4 thoughts on “New Blog Alert: “Comcast Must Die””

  1. Speaking of recent Comcast service improvements, my max broadband upload speed was 768Kbps… until it wasn’t. While working in NYC a few weeks back, I realized my upload throughput is higher – sweet!

  2. Say what you will about other companies but in the duopolist areas like where I live, it seems like comcast goes out of their way to drive customers to the competition. I can personally vouch that the Ad Age article was spot on and it seems like there is no shortage of horror stories online. I can only hope that FiOS and other competition will continue to spread and be the kick in the ass that comcast needs improve.

  3. Your comment about “how much does it cost?” definitely applies to my area (Rochester NY, Time Warner Cable). I don’t think any two households in this area pay the same price for their service. It all depends on which CSR answers when you call them, and what kind of deal they feel like giving you. If you don’t like the price, wait a while and then call back. If you get another CSR, you may be offered a completely different deal.

    One of their installers once told me that installers can give the very best deals because when they go out to do a disconnect they are suppose to try to save the account. He then gave me his cell phone number, and told me to call him if I ever wanted to upgrade my service.

    I personally hate giving money to a business that behaves like this, but I can’t get satellite (my property does not have a clear view of the sky). So I stick with analog cable while I wait for someone to offer a service like FiOS is my area.

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