Joost Pursues Live TV

Joost intends to expand their content beyond pre-recorded content into live television broadcasts early next year. According to paidContent UK:

She said the live programming will include a “combinationâ€? catch-up option to watch on-demand shows following live transmission, then said Joost will offer widgets allowing viewers to bookmark favourite sporting moments and keep scores – some co-written with content partners, others by the community. Sport, hypothetically speaking, is one attractive avenue for live internet TV (not everyone has a TV in the office), but, of course, requires distributors pick up live internet rights.

Right now, Joost isn’t doing a whole lot for me – the content offerings are pretty random and unpredictable (though growing and with improved organization). And there’s a reason some of these shows were yanked off the air. If Joost manages to ink those live sports deals (in which countries?), the service could become much more compelling. I’d also like to see them move beyond the desktop application into a lighter-weight Silverlight interface.

(via Last100)

3 thoughts on “Joost Pursues Live TV”

  1. I have been beta testing Joost for what seems like forever – what they need is a more efficient seeding system FIRST ( beyond lame compared to Bittorrent’s P2P ), then better content, LIVE content, etc.

    And yeah, Dave is right some kind of lighter weight thin desktop client would be nice ( but NOT evil Silverlight! ). I think you mean like Miro. Which includes people powered channel guides

  2. Steve, Though the technologies could be the same, as you know it’s the relationships that matter in these Wild West early days of Internet video. Joost has got deep pockets and has already established relationships with the likes of Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MLB, CBS, etc.

    Todd, Silverlight is a platform so it could be built to do whatever. Though I’m not necessarily tied to it, I like the idea of a rich cross-platform video engine. By supporting MS’s DMR scheme it could also help calm content providers. In my dream world at-ease execs would enable these technologies and services to spread faster.

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