11 thoughts on “Is This The First TiVo-Approved External Drive?”

  1. the my boox is probably the most elegant/appropriate external drive to compliment a tivo in any shelf… i just wish mine was eSata!

  2. I’m sure the smart folks that gave us mfs tools etc (increasing internal storage) will figure out a way for us to get any external drive to work with these ports. I’d like to be able to find the best price on a 750GB or 1TB internal drive and then put that into an external case. Would be far cheaper than buying an external drive.

  3. JoeB, I have a feeling any eSATA drive will work… The ‘partners’ will just be companies/drives TiVo endorses. In addition to joint marketing, who knows, maybe money even changes hands. Having said that, you’ll still want to find a reliable drive which may not be the most inexpensive – but probably cheaper than the retail partners.

    FYI Circuit City has the MX-1 enclosure on sale for $40. However, when I get back from California in a week, I think I’ll just use those mfs tools and replace my internal drive. A little more effort, but less clutter – probably a bit cheaper too.

  4. I’m pretty sure the Series3 will work with any eSATA drive, while the TiVo HD will require a TiVo one.

    Two reasons.
    This is the case with the wifi adapter.
    The difference in the way the eSATA currently works.

  5. I hope the new software will allow non-Tivo branded HDs, as I just ordered the Antec case, but also signed up for the 9.2 upgrade a few days ago…

  6. yes, it does look like the case from CES 2006. I believe TiVo stated then that the external storage they will provide will work with the user just having to plug it in. Some more of that good ole TiVo KISS hopefully when one actually shows up that can be bought.

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