DirecTV Sat-Go Reduced to $999

Not sure when the price cut hit, but DirecTV has reduced pricing for their portable Sat-Go solution by about a third ($1499 -> $999). If they didn’t limit purchases to in-home DirecTV customers, I’d be real tempted to pick one up… It’s an innately cool device. I’m not really sure why I’d need one or even know where I’d use it but, as you can see from the picture above, it just makes people smile.

5 thoughts on “DirecTV Sat-Go Reduced to $999”

  1. If my Blackjack had a video-out, Slingplayer Mobile would kill this thing.

    I wonder if you have to pay the $4.99 extra receiver fee for the Sat-Go?

  2. When it was originally announced, it did require an extra monthly fee – something small like that. With the pricing change, not sure how that stands. You make an excellent point though – a low-end laptop and a Slingbox can come in under that $999 with no monthly fees and more functionality. I guess it’s the Sunday Ticket that I can’t get in my apartment that motivates me…

  3. For those who travel/camp a lot it sounds like a great idea – but with XM/Sirus coming out with Sat Video soon I am looking that way.

  4. Tim, Damn that hurt. ;) I liked the idea of the Palm Foleo, if maybe it had been priced $100-$150 less and they dropped the whole “larger screen for your Treo” marketing angle. Betcha we see it reintroduced next year with some sort of WiMax chip it in.

    John, From what I’ve read the channel selection sounds pretty limited – maybe mostly kids programming?

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