Did the Comcast TiVo Really Launch?

Dave Zatz —  October 11, 2007

So did the Comcast TiVo on Motorola hardware publicly launch this week in New England (AP, Bloomberg, Reuters), or is this damage control? The email alert that media outlets received indicated something along the lines of:

TiVo Inc., the pioneer of digital video recorders, introduced its service for Comcast Corp. customers this week following delays. Some Comcast customers already have the service in place, TiVo and Comcast said today in an e-mailed statement. The introduction will continue in New England in the coming months.

Until anyone can call up Comcast in New England and order service and until someone publicizes pricing, I’ll assume this isn’t a widespread launch – rather, it’s more extended testing amongst Comcast “friendlies” as two sources have confided. I’ve got calls into TiVo and as soon as I find out more, you’ll find out more.

UPDATE: I just heard back from TiVo. The official statement from the companies is:

We are pleased to confirm that the first non Comcast employees have the new TiVo service, and that the rollout in the New England region will continue throughout the next few months.

Sure doesn’t sound like the typical Comcast customer will be able to order, does it? Those “non Comcast employees” are most likely friends and family. Oh well… As I said a few days ago, what’s another month or so when you’ve waited this long? However, my advice to those waiting is to just pick up a TiVo HD for $250 at Amazon and rent a CableCARD or two.

15 responses to Did the Comcast TiVo Really Launch?

  1. Do your research consumer before buying a Tivo HD unit. The current S3 units in the field are suffering a rash of issues and Tivo cannot isolate whether it isw software or hardware based. See forum: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=361087&page=1&pp=30

  2. How am I supposed to get this? I’m in Boston with Comcast and missing my TiVo …

  3. Any word on when it’s coming to Cox? Right now, Cox is on a ticking clock with me – I’ve had Fios fiber installed in my front yard, but Verizon hasn’t turned on my neighborhood yet. If I can get TiVo on Cox, I will, and put off the switch to Fios for a while.

  4. If there is a delay, getting TIVO will be worth the wait. The features are fantastic. The addition of Rhapsody Music is awesome, where else can you find 978 songs by Elton John.. Don’t fret a little more delay, the whole TIVO experience will blow you away.

  5. Ted, features like Rhapsody and TiVoToGo aren’t on the Comcast version… Sorry. On the flip side, you will have VOD/PPV.

  6. If you have a Lifetime TiVo on its last legs, or take TiVo HD for $6.95 MSD, TiVO HD is probably a pretty good deal.

    You’ll have to suffer through some software bugs for a while (and again in the future,) and you’ll probably hit some SDV trouble along the way, but overall it’ll be a good experience.

  7. Did you contact Whit Clay on this?

  8. I did speak with two TiVo PR people, but neither was Whit Clay.

  9. this is cool, and i’ll suggest it to my friends w/ comcast dvr’s here in Boston, but i still dont think it compares to tivo s3 or hd, and its certainly not worth the hassle of taking time off work to have the comcast guy swap the box. im just being patient and waiting for a deal on tivohd for current s2 owners

  10. Look, the folks in New England with existing Motorola TIVO boxes are getting hammered… their TIVO boxes stopped working with the serial port. They just got shut off!!!! People called in and they were told since they weren’t official Comcast boxes, they couldn’t do anything, or they had to pay for a service call. SO many people complained that they “now” say that it was a mistake! I guess it has been over a week and the “mistake” hasn’t been fixed yet. Where is FIOS! I’ve had it! It isn’t available in Marblehead yet, but I have paid Comcast THOUSANDS of dollars, early adopter, etc., and THIS is how I get repaid!

  11. Katherine, Comcast disabled my serial port in Maryland about 2 years ago. Consider yourself lucky it’s been enabled this long.

  12. I’m trying to decide if I live with the Comcast TiVo or bite the bullet and get the TiVo HD or TiVo Series3. What do you think? I’m already the owner of a TiVo Series2.