Consumer Reports Validates Dave’s New HDTV


I’m still sifting through a few weeks of unopened mail, but noticed Engadget and Gizmodo discussing HDTV reviews in the latest issue of Consumer Reports. Low and behold, after flipping through the mag, it turns out my Panasonic plasma is their top rated 42″ set. It’s certainly the nicest television I’ve ever owned and looks much better (with fast, natural motion – think sports) than the 40″ 720p Samsung LCD I was considering. The higher-end Samsung LCDs at this size received similar scores to my plasma, though I suspect that is partially due to support for 1080p. On the higher end of the spectrum, CR calls the 50″ Panasonic 700U the “the best flat screen ever tested” – though it’ll set you back ~$2900. The larger equivalent of my set took second place in the 50″ category and clocks in at ~$1700.

7 thoughts on “Consumer Reports Validates Dave’s New HDTV”

  1. i got a 32″ samsung 720p lcd last weekend, and my gf’s parents got a 40″ samsung 1080p lcd the same night. i think i inspired them? my 32 is now my bedroom tv, but i love it so far. the QAM tuner will certainly hold me over until i pony up for a s3 tivo for it…

  2. It’s the Panasonic plasma which ends *77U (also seen in the picture). They had some massive price drops on the models CR reports on, so there may be a refresh coming or maybe it’s already here? Once I made my purchase, I stopped looking.

  3. Dave, you might want to be careful about the mention of CR and a picture of the magazine. CR is hyper-sensitive about outside references of their reviews, and they have people who search online for things like this. Normally, they’re watching out for companies and stores, but blogs might be on their hit list as well. I’m definitely not an expert on what’s appropriate or not in this type of instance.

  4. Yah, I do know they are sensitive in protecting their impartiality and go after companies who use their name/ratings in advertisements and such. But I figure Engadget and Gizmodo are bigger targets than I am, and they ran with it… Then again they probably also have larger legal defense funds. I don’t know if there’s a distinction between a photograph and a scan, but I figured a photo is more acceptable and limited it to the relevant bits. I also figure I’m giving CR an endorsement by revealing I subscribe and value their reviews. However, if CR were to ask me to take down the photo, I would – I’m not looking for any trouble or to make some sort of journalistic point. Though they’d be the first org to ever request something come down…

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