Comcast Launches TiVo Webpage

New England residents (unaffiliated with either company) may or may not be able to actually subscribe to the Comcast TiVo service, but everyone is welcome to visit their new page. I entered several regional zip codes, in addition to my own, but all came up blank. If you find one that works, let us know! (And tell us how much it costs.) Speaking of web updates, the Australian TiVo site has expanded ahead of a 2008 deployment.

(Thanks for the tip, mtchamp!)

12 thoughts on “Comcast Launches TiVo Webpage”

  1. Dave,

    The Aussie Tivo site has been up for a while, but didn’t have much on it. Now it has the features page, and it looks like it has a lot of what a stand-alone sub would here.

  2. Thanks, Kevin — I just changed ‘launched’ to ‘expanded’ to reflect that. I’ve been mostly tuning out the Australian TiVo info given the stated time frame of mid-2008 (especially in light of the length of time it took to deploy the Comcast TiVo). I’ll pay closer attention next year.

  3. No luck in Arlington VA.

    I just found out that FiOS won’t be coming to the townhouse development I live in in Ballston (infrastructure won’t support the digging). So this may be my best bet for keeping a decent DVR and getting HD service.

  4. I put in 02155 (Medford, MA) and got the following:

    “Comcast DVR with TiVo service is not yet available in your neighborhood. But it soon will be!

    Get Comcast DVR with TiVo serviceĀ—As Soon As You Can!
    We’re happy to let you know when Comcast DVR with TiVo service comes to your town. To receive an email alert, simply verify your ZIP code and provide us your email address. We’ll be in touch. “

  5. I called Comcast and the rep had 0 idea what I was talking about. I had to explain in detail what the Comcast DVR with Tivo was.

    Not a good sign of this actually being rolled out in the DC area anytime soon.

    One would think the sales departments would at least get an email that this is being released.

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