Apple Says No To Cash

According to Bloomberg and AP reports, as of 10/25 Apple is only accepting plastic for iPhone purchases “so sales can be tracked.” While Wired doesn’t believe this is illegal at a Federal level, I imagine there are jurisdictions where refusing cash is prohibited. In reality, this restriction won’t negatively impact many – However, and regardless of legality, limiting payment options doesn’t strike me as consumer friendly. In fact, it makes me want to visit an Apple store with 400 dollars in unrolled pennies. And a video camera.

8 thoughts on “Apple Says No To Cash”

  1. At the same time, they limited iPhone sales to two per person. Easy enough to get someone else to buy for you, but if your intent is to hack or unlock the phone and use it in a way contrary to the license agreement, Apple might someday go after the people attached to those purchases.

    Insisting on plastic and refusing cash has got to be tough. “This note is legal tender…” has to have some weight to it! Wonder if they can force AT&T Wireless stores, and AT&T licensees, to comply with this.

  2. I have never been enamored with Apple, now I know why I will not have an iPhone. I have one small credit card to help with travel – but not to support digital purchases.

    Oh, well. I guess it is okay.

  3. Since they haven’t had supply issues wouldn’t it be simpler if they required you to sign with AT&T before you purchase? Even if you port the phone they get the cancellation fee then. This could be a new revenue stream for them – Craig

  4. FYI – This is odd, but legal.
    The “This not is legal tender for all Debts..” wording on a bill, only refers to a legal “Debt”, a pre-existing condition.
    If Apple were to give you an iPhone & “bill you later”, they must accept cash at that later date, you then have a “dept”, however a retail sale is a “trade”, no pre-existing debt exists with potential customers, & a business can legally, if they want to, put up signs for “no pennies, no bills over $20, or No cash” …

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