Nano “Fatty” Misaligned

crooked-ipod-nano.jpgBased on feedback in the Apple forums, Engadget reports that new iPod nano components are misaligned in some units:

the screen doesn’t appear to be completely level within the casing

Having played with several of these in the Apple Store, I encountered the defect on just one. The degree of tilt is pretty small, but it is noticeable (and surprised me). Assuming Apple hasn’t replaced the model I saw Saturday at Montgomery Mall (MD), you can see for yourself – in the front section, check out the silver Nano attached to the iMac furthest in on the far left.

Supposedly Apple is replacing these units. As they should.

Bonus coverage: The iPod Touch teardown seems to indicate the device doesn’t contain anything resembling Bluetooth.

5 thoughts on “Nano “Fatty” Misaligned”

  1. Damn you Zatz ;-P,

    I didn’t notice it until I read this post. Yes my first ever Apple product is tilted too. I bought it at Costco, so I can take it back.

  2. While I realize there has to be more than one Montgomery Mall in the US, are you talking about the one in PA? Dave Zatz might live somewhat near me?! I’m in Bucks and you don’t have to fear me being a stalker – I’m lucky I have enough time to read my RSS subscription to this site, let alone follow anyone.

  3. I bought a 8GB nano at Future Shop in Vancouver yesterday. The screen is noticeably tilted. It’s slight (about 1-2mm higher on one corner), but enough to be annoying!

    I’m taking mine back tomorrow.

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