If Money Grew On Trees: FogScreen


If money grew on trees, I’d have a funkadelic living room. FogScreen “produces a thin curtain of fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air.” It sounds like FogScreen has been available overseas for a bit (mostly appearing at trade shows), but is now making its way to advertisers across the US. In fact their PR agency tells me FogScreen recently landed at the LA nightclub, Opera – supposedly where A-listers congregate.

Of course I was curious how the fog is created, figuring it was dry ice or something difficult to come by, but it’s just water:

The FogScreen hangs from a trestle, but does not use dry ice or any sort of chemicals. All that is needed is ordinary tap water, so it’s totally environmentally safe. It uses about 2 gallons of tap water per hour, depending on the desired fog output.

Unlike prior products I’ve highlighted that may be unreasonably priced, FogScreen isn’t intended for the individual consumer…. So while I’ve been pretty intrigued with the product, there’s no way I’d spend $40k (one meter unit) or $79k (two meter) on a non-HD display for my personal usage. Wonder what it would take to roll your own?