Kaleidescape Cinema One, If Money Grew On Trees

Kaleidescape, best known for industry skirmishes related to DVD decryption and archival, is out with the new Cinema One. Unlike the rest of Kaleidescape’s product line, the budget priced Cinema One can be picked up at any Best Buy Magnolia outpost for a mere $4k – without the expense or inconvenience or going through their … Read more

If Money Grew On Trees: FogScreen

If money grew on trees, I’d have a funkadelic living room. FogScreen “produces a thin curtain of fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air.” It sounds like FogScreen has been available overseas for a bit (mostly appearing at trade shows), but is now making its way … Read more

If Money Grew On Trees: DirecTV Sat-Go

I think we’ll be starting a new column: If Money Grew On Trees. There’s quite a bit of interesting and useful tech out there… if only I had unlimited sources. First up is the innovative DirecTV Sat-Go which bundles a DTV tuner, antenna, remote, and a 17″ LCD into a large briefcase for $1499. Without … Read more

Snapstream Unleashes Godzilla PC DVR For Big Business

With access to four tuners and 1.5 terrabytes of storage, I thought that I had the ultimate DVR setup. However, after seeing Snapstream’s Enterprise PC DVR in action, I’m envious of its capabilities and my home entertainment system suddenly seems wimpy. I don’t know how much Snapstream is charging, but if money grew on trees, … Read more

IMGOT: 1TB TiVo Series3 @ $1599

Continuing our If Money Grew On Trees series, today let’s chat about the new WeaKnees Series3 TiVo with 1 terabyte of storage. While I’d like as much internal storage as possible and let someone else handle the upgrade leg work, $1599 sure seems like a lot of cash for 145hrs of HD recording. Considering a … Read more