If Money Grew On Trees: DirecTV Sat-Go

I think we’ll be starting a new column: If Money Grew On Trees. There’s quite a bit of interesting and useful tech out there… if only I had unlimited sources.


First up is the innovative DirecTV Sat-Go which bundles a DTV tuner, antenna, remote, and a 17″ LCD into a large briefcase for $1499. Without a doubt, this appeals to the geek in me but that price tag stings.

Since money doesn’t grow on trees (and I don’t live in a forest), here’s what the Sat-Go needs to command that fee. Instead of a 17″ LCD, I’ll need a 19″ – or at least give me high-definition! Second, I want to be able to subscribe to DTV without needing an existing in-home plan. While this is being marketed to tail-gaiting sports fans and campers, I think DTV has an opportunity to reach out to apartment/condo dwellers who may not be able to install external antennas or may not want to if they frequently move. So, as a member of that demographic, the current 27lb weight isn’t an issue but I’ll need some basic DVR functionality.

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3 thoughts on “If Money Grew On Trees: DirecTV Sat-Go”

  1. Great idea for a column. It’s like fantasy football for tech. We should see a lot of unique devices show up in this column.

    For $1,500, I’d want to see some kind of a hand cranked/solar power generator that would let me watch TV, even if the power was out. I’d also want to have the ability to watch DTV on the portable device without having to subscribe. They could limit the number of hours each month, but for something that you use just for tailgating and camping, it’d be hard to justify a $70 DirecTV subscription to go along with that.

  2. It does include a laptop-style rechargeable battery, but I’m not sure how much viewing time you’d get with a screen that large. Existing DTV customers pay only $4.99/mo extra. Folks without subscriptions get nothing – I’d be up for 50% of your estimated $70/mo and willing to pay more for Sunday Ticket.

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