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I was chatting with one of my blogging buddies who mentioned I should check out The 4400. We had caught the first season on DVD and enjoyed it, but I heard or read something that implied the later seasons weren’t as good – and we moved on. However, he said he’s enjoyed all of them… So we’re going to give it a shot and before we miss more episodes, I headed on over to tivo.com for some online scheduling action.

As you can see from the image above, I was hit with a survey. Before getting into the nitty gritty of it, they asked why I was visiting the site. Apparently I gave the wrong answer because the survey abruptly concluded. Bummer.

So what could tivo.com use? We had an interesting suggestion the other day for some badge creation tools that hook into our units and display our top Season Passes and such. I think we could even go a little simpler by displaying our model(s) — though, they should be customizable. Everyone wants to brag about the size of their hard drive, right?

As far as existing elements, I haven’t really spent much time going through TiVo’s support pages though I do recall not caring for the color. And the list of search results are too short, requiring more clicks. TiVo.com desperately needs some specific product descriptions and a comparison chart, outside of the store area, to assist and educate potential customers.

What else?

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  1. I took the same survey a few days ago. I believe I only got to answer two or three questions before my information was no longer necessary. I agree it seemed a very abrupt if not rude way to conduct a survey. I have never experienced anything similar in any contact with TiVo which leads me to believe that this was created by an outside source. I would have appreciated instead of telling me that I didn’t qualify for further questions just to end the survey and thank me for my time and allow me to think I was providing useful information.

  2. I too was shutout of the survey after a few questions. I have a feeling it was related to the TiVo HD and they might have been looking to survey people who came to the site looking for info about it.

    As far as improvements to tivo.com, what happened to the site redesign that was shown at CES?

  3. I also remember the redesign that they showed at CES and have been waiting for it. Also, I wish the online scheduling area of the site would remember who I am so I didn’t have to re-login every time.

  4. Got the survey email today also, if you are in marketing or what they consider press, then you don’t get in.

    All the questions I was asked were about TiVo’s advertisements and more specifically splenda. Which I found kinda funny since I really don’t use sugar, or any sugar supplement.

  5. Phil, Good question. I was just wondering the same thing and fired off a question to TiVo — If they respond, I’ll be sure to post.

    Ben, mine wasn’t via email and it didn’t ask me if I was in marketing or press. It popped up when I hit TiVo.com and asked me what prompted me to visit that day (Sunday). I said online scheduling, and then it dumped me – so I guess that isn’t a topic they’re researching.

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