TiVo Desktop 2.5 On The Way: Vista, DivX, Xvid, Oh My


As early as tomorrow, TiVo will grace us with Desktop 2.5 (PC) featuring:

  • Support for Windows Vista.
  • Support for DivX and Xvid formats for Web Video Conversions (wrapped in .avi or .divx containers).
  • Convert individual shows from Desktop’s Now Playing list at any time, to any profile, by right-clicking.

Web video conversions? Hm! Can we also transcode TiVo recordings to DivX or Xvid? (That $25 Plus Key may suddenly become more valuable…) Is transcoded video still limited to 320×240 in the iPhone era? Stay tuned for these answers and more.

(Thanks, Steve!)

6 thoughts on “TiVo Desktop 2.5 On The Way: Vista, DivX, Xvid, Oh My”

  1. Sounds good (particularly the Vista support). Knowing TiVo, the extra codec support will probably only be for TTG transfers and not for sending video to TiVo which is too bad.

  2. YES!! DivX and XVID support… FINALLY. My two favorite technologies… DivX and TiVo together at last. Though, I am going to be shocked if it will transcode TiVo straight to DivX. But if it does, I would scream in happiness WAY more. I don’t even want to think down that road as it gets me too excited.

  3. While the video features Tivo keeps adding to the desktop client are definitely welcome additions, I really wish the Tivo engineers would spend some time updating the music playing capabilities of the box. It’s been a long time since the music player got any love, and it’s really showing its age.

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