Mac Netflix Streaming Coming In ’08?

Netflix confirms what we knew to be the holdup in bringing “Watch Now” streaming movies to OS X:

A key issue for delivering movies online is that the studios require use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect titles. And that’s our holdup for the Mac – there’s not yet a studio-sanctioned, publicly-available Mac DRM solution (Apple doesn’t license theirs). I can promise you that, when an approved solution becomes available for the Mac, we’ll be there. I’ll also say that Silverlight 1.1 looks like a promising candidate – but that its DRM isn’t likely to be fully available until 2008.

For a demo of what a Netflix Silverlight solution might look like click here. But, if you’re not interested in waiting until ’08, perhaps you heard Microsoft’s DRM has been broken — Netflix titles and can stripped and archived. Lastly, speaking of 2008, Netlflix is working on a solution to provide direct Firefox streaming early in the year.

(via Hacking Netflix)