Netflix Demos Silverlight Watch Now


Netflix put on a demonstration of Watch Now via Silverlight, Microsoft’s new (beta) web-based media rendering engine. Unlike the current WMV-based version of Watch Now, which requires Windows, Silverlight has been built to support multiple browsers and operating systems. Check out the video from Vegas.

No word on when we’ll see this released, but Silverlight looks exactly like what Netflix, Amazon Unbox, Movielink, and all these other WMV services need to free their DRMed content from Windows/IE while also providing a richer experience.

(via Hacking Netflix)

3 thoughts on “Netflix Demos Silverlight Watch Now”

  1. I can’t wait for this. I have my Mac Mini attached to my TV and I’m just waiting to use my Netflix account with it.

  2. Both IE and Windows Media Player used to run on Mac too, until Microsoft discontinued them. Why do we think it will be any different this time around with Silverlight?

    In the past, Microsoft has actively developed a product up until it takes enough market share to be entrenched. Then they just let it fester and use it as a weapon against other platforms. They need to do A LOT more than just a dog-and-pony show with some Macs to show that they’ve changed their ways and that they plan to actually develop this as a first-class, robust, cross-platform environment for the next decade.

  3. While I agree with your sentiment Mike, I think Microsoft has realized that people will not use their DRM solution if it is NOT cross platform, and Apple seems to be unwilling to release a cross platform licensable solution. With both Microsoft and Adobe working on solutions for this problem (people want to RENT movies or watch them once, NOT buy them Apple, get a clue), Microsoft cannot afford to lose this race to Adobe – no if, ands, or buts. If Adobe ships their DRM flash based solution, and Microsoft does not have an answer, they will eventually become irrelevant in the media race (look how irrelevant Windows Media is for audio compared to MP3 and AAC). Also, this kind of stuff is for the consumer market, of which more and more every day is Mac based. I don’t think Microsoft can afford to drop support, and I don’t think companies like Netflix (or BBC in England, etc) will let thm drop that support. The world has changed, and Microsoft likes to make money. There is money to be made in the Mac….

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