FiOS TV 2.0 Getting Q4 Update

There’s no denying FiOS TV 2.0 (IMG) looks pretty sharp… Though, like most new products, it does have its share of quirks and could use a bit more polish. Fortunately, Verizon isn’t sitting still and has scheduled a maintenance release for Q4:

  • Scaled video while in the menus finding the next show or movie to watch.
  • Better program information with richer descriptions.
  • New reminder system, for future TV shows or PPV events.
  • Efficient way to flip through favorite channels while hiding others.
  • Better management of DVR settings and schedule.
  • Expanded help topics, and more video tutorials.

In other FiOS TV 2.0 news, deployment continues and Massachusetts is up this week.

3 thoughts on “FiOS TV 2.0 Getting Q4 Update”

  1. We just had FIOS installed, and we actually preferred Tivo and DirecTV guide much better. In addition, instead of the advertised 80 hours of record time, we get 34. Verizon claims its because of the IMG which should be resolved by October. Anyone have similar problems?

  2. After 7 yrs of being spoiled with Tivo, my old series 1 finally died, so I reluctantly added a Verizon DVR to my FIOS service. OMG does this DVR suck. Poorly designed interface, you have to jump through hoops to get the Play From Start menu option to appear – isn’t that the one you use most?!

    This things locks up in the middle of replay OFTEN. I also notice that series recordings are VERY hit or miss. It regularly neglects to record shows that are clearly part of the series. Some episodes don’t show up in ‘scheduled recordings’, then when I add that episode manually, it complains about it already been scheduled. THEN it will record it. But not if I don’t manually nag it about missing episodes.

    This thing is garbage. Does Verizon have a place where I can report bugs/interface complaints? Some of these bugs are easily reproducible.

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